Hotel The Keeper

Hotel The Keeper

What a difference a view makes

Transparency is very importend in a time where we have to be aware of people and technology that want to take advantage of us. Trusting each other is the base on which we share things that are very dear to us. That means you have to share who you are. Its sounds scary but its something we do every day. Making your self vulnerable by sharing who we are is what makes people trust us.

The keeper wants to make it possible for you to create an environment where a community can grow. So we made a bold choice, we added a view to the rooms, one that does not faces to the outside but to its own community on the inside. Placing windows in the walls that connect to the hallways wil provide a view to the inside, creating a more office feel and a new social interaction that was never before needed in a hotel.

During the day the rooms will be used for working, connecting, socializing, a more open structure will enhance a feeling a safety and community. This is a really Dutch aspect of the concept. People visiting the Netherlands alway mention the fact you can look inside the house because the curtains are always open. The Dutch are not blessed with a warm climate, living is mostly a indoor activity, connecting with the outside is a necessity for them to be in contact with the community. A wave, a smile, a sign of recognition is enough to know you are a part of something, its saying i see you and that makes us feel alive.

But you don’t have to be as bold as the dutch, they also close the curtains when its time to sleep. If you feel the need for an office experience you open the curtains and if you need privacy its fine to close them. We are not saying how to use the them, we are just telling you why they’re there and its for you to create the balance